Friday , May 14 2021

Full thrill when flights from Leknes got a engine failure

Emergency data was moved to Bodø Airport after a Widerøe machine had indications of engine failure on an engine.

This is reported by the Nordland police area on Wednesday night.

According to Widerøe, the aircraft faced challenges along the way. The 22-passenger plane must land with an engine.

– There was a mistake on the engine on the plane that came from Tromsø, via Leknes to Bodø. Flights to Leknes went well, but it was on trip to Bodø that the only engine stopped working, says Catharina Solli information manager in Widerøe to Avisa Nordland.


The aircraft originally landed at 20.42, but on the way pilots supported challenges that allowed them to take a few extra runs before landing at Bodø Airport at 21.10.

"All emergency services were at the airport station when the plane landed and was ready to help when needed," says Catharina Solli.

There were 19 passengers aboard the plane plus three people in the crew. According to the information manager, the approach has been without drama.

"I have not yet talked with the passengers or the captain, but the plane has landed safely in Bodø. Our pilots take a lot to cope with situations like flying with just one engine," says Solli.

"The whole process may have been different for the passengers, so it's wrong to say that no one was affected by the incident," she adds.

Lost the next flight

During the event, several aircraft were to be taken from Bodø airport, which led to delays.

"There were several passengers on the Widerøe plane from Leknes that were going to Trondheim, Oslo and Mosjøen. If there are no further departures to these places, people have to wait until tomorrow to fly," says Solli.

"We will cover hotels for those affected by Bodø and ensure that passengers arrive for the first flight tomorrow," said Widerøe information manager.

– Not a drama

Lofotposten has been in contact with one of the passengers on board the plane. He says there was no drama related to the incident, but said that a couple of other passengers should have reacted for a while while the planet had a problem with an engine.

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