Tuesday , October 19 2021

Isabella Löwengrip – – Obtained luxury housing – now she is forced to leave the United States


Swedish blogger and entrepreneur Isabella Löwengrip, 28, recently revealed that she has found her dream apartment in New York.

The 28-year-old is in the process of expanding his company Löwengrip Invest, and has thus needed to secure a base in the world metropolis. Earlier this summer, the blogger hit a luxury apartment just a stone's throw from Manhattan.

Recently, the 28-year-old shared a glimpse of the home, which is more specifically located on the Upper East Side.

According to News24, the rent is on the net sum of 145,000 Swedish kroner a month. The award will defend a state-of-the-art home consisting of three bedrooms, three bathrooms, and a wine cellar – spread over 185 square meters.

– To celebrate

Besides a magical view of the city, the blogger also has access to a fitness room, spa and indoor pool in the building.

– I'm so happy! Finally is our apartment. Happiness was complete when I opened the door. The world's best broker was here, Elie Khen, who had put out a cold Dom Perignon from 2004. We will definitely celebrate it later !, she wrote on the blog earlier this week.

There is no doubt that Isabella has enough bolt space, but the 28-year-old has even explained on Instagram that she will not live in the apartment alone. As part of the expansion, the 28-year-old has flown two of her employees over to New York, who will be living and working with her for the coming period.

– Will not go

Now, on the other hand, it turns out that Löwengrip is in a bigger predicament, which puts an end to the plans. On her blog, the 28-year-old writes that she is forced to leave the US – until she has managed to get a visa.

– I am so in love with the apartment and will not leave it, but I get to make the most of the days I have left in New York, and then enjoy the late summer in Sweden, she writes.

The case continues below:

The blogger explains that she has now put her lawyers on the case to speed up the process.

– I really long for everything to be clear. I've been here a lot lately to go to meetings, but I haven't been able to work or pay.

New York's dream apartment is just one of the many benefits Löwengrip can afford to treat. The 28-year-old has always been open to the fact that she enjoys a life of luxury, and has previously revealed that she already has the children's future secured financially.

Last year, Löwengrip could tell that the total value of her company was valued at a staggering NOK 400 million.

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