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Olympics hoped Blummenfelt in the hospital after the fall: Fear destroyed

Kristian Blummenfelt posted the photo to the left on her Instagram profile Friday morning after the fall in Tokyo. Published with permission of the practitioner.

Kristian Blummenfelt posted the photo to the left on her Instagram profile Friday morning after the fall in Tokyo. Published with permission of the practitioner. Photo: VG / Blummenfelt's Instagram profile

Norwegian triathlon hopes Kristian Blummenfelt was sent to the hospital after the ugly fall in Tokyo. The Friday morning examinations show there are no bone fractures.

– It pumps around the thigh and is quite painful. I can't bend my knee, Kristian Blummenfelt told VG on the phone from Tokyo on Friday morning.

When VG talks to him, he is back from the hospital after the ugly fall during the bike part of the Tokyo triathlon competition. In one year, the Olympics will be held at the same venue, and this year's competition was considered one of the most important of the year for triathlon athletes.

Here you can see his reaction after the fall:

And despite the damage to Blummenfelt, it was a very strong Norwegian day with 2nd and 4th place. Kasper Stornes lost the issue of victory in a close trio, Tveiten tells of the contest, where Canadian Tyler Mislawchuk won with a time of 1.49.51, four seconds ahead of Stornes. Without injury, the sports manager tells of a very happy team. For Gustav Iden also eventually became number 4.

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Flower fields were also in the tet group when the accident happened. With about a quarter left on the bike before the competition was to end with the race, however, the cyclist walked in front of Blummenfelt on the ground.

– There was a battle for positions with two rounds left, and the Belgian forward slid into the swing. I couldn't slow down. The bike broke and I hit hard on my thigh, says Blummenfelt.

The fall was so severe that Blummenfelt had to break the competition. He was then sent to the hospital. Sports Manager Arild Tveiten says it was done because they wanted to reveal if there was a fracture, something they feared it might be because of the pain. However, the study at the hospital has shown that this was not the case. The two say they are so relieved, though they don't know much about the injury at the moment due to the heavy swelling. He still thinks Blummenfelt will be back in training soon.

– I'm relaxing now. I have been on X-ray and ultrasound at the hospital. There was too much swelling to take MRI, so I have to go home before I can do it, ”says Blummenfelt.

Kristian Blummenfelt after the fall during the Tokyo competition on Friday morning. Photo: Arild Tveiten / Norwegian Triathlon Federation

Blummenfelt is frustrated after another fall this season, which has had problems, although he has been very good at training. He thinks he would have had good chances in the competition if he had been in the running section of Tokyo.

The duo understands Blummenfelt's frustration after several bikes on the bike this season.

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– It has happened a few times before this year that he has drowned, and this is the third bike that has been destroyed. He should be very happy that he is sponsored with free bikes, says sports manager Tveiten.

He believes that despite the ugly fall, Blummelfelt will likely return to the next two-week competition in Lausanne.

At the same time, Blummenfelt still believes he can bring good experiences from the upcoming Olympic city.

– It gives a good feeling that the program here and the preset has worked so well. We managed the heat while many got it. It was 28-29 degrees and many were fully cooked. It's good that we got a slightly different experience, says Blummenfelt, who is frustrated with his own part after the season has had several problems.

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