Saturday , October 23 2021

Romeric Leaf – Swine flu has become commonplace


– Influenza A (H1N1) from 2009 has become a regular seasonal flu that circulates regularly. This is the case after a pandemic, the virus continues to circulate, says adviser Birgitte Klüwer at the department of influenza at the Norwegian Public Health Institute.

When the pandemic broke out, infection was associated with serious illness and worst case deaths for some in certain groups among us. Almost, men crossed men's homes to vaccinate to limit the outbreak.

The reason nobody speaks much about the serious threat of influenza infection now is that the virus will still visit. Several have been resilient because they have previously been exposed to the virus.

"The body learns to defend itself against the individual viruses," says Klüwer.

This year's vaccine for the risk groups contains components of two types of A-influenza and a B-influenza, and A (H1N1) is one of these.

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