Wednesday , October 20 2021

Successful operation for the egg: Must amputate parts of the foot


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– Yes, that's been good, says Eggen to Adresseavisen.

The 77-year-old is still in the hospital to recover properly after the surgery and had little more to say about the situation when the Addressavis told him on Friday afternoon.

Other than that, he is positive – and feels good after the procedure in the foot.

A little hour after Adressa spoke to the Egger, he spoke to VG. Without going into detail, he confirms to the newspaper that parts of the foot must be removed.

"It will be a bit of a denture, and it will be a new experience. I'll do that too, I'm in a good mood, taking it as a new experience – and looking forward," he says to VG.

First, he thanked Skammelsrud. Then the Eggen opened an extensive operation

Open all the way

It was Monday that the Eggen could announce the Adress that he should be deposited on St. Olavs Hospital this week.

He has sometimes had physical health challenges both before and after the kidney transplant three and a half years ago, something he has also been completely open about.

This time he would be open to a new surgery because, as of 2015, he would have spoken to health care.

On Monday the owl said the following:

"It's a big surgery in the foot, which happens on Thursday. But the Norwegian health service is" A team "and it's important for me to be told. I'm in the best hands.

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