Wednesday , August 4 2021

That is why Everton – Manchester City is not shown on Norwegian television tonight

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Several football fans have expressed their frustration on social media that tonight's Premier League match between Manchester City and Everton is not being shown on Norwegian TV screens.

"What are we doing in expensive judgments for then, if the only match this date is not sent ?! Amateur! Everton-Man City is an important match for the league title" writes one.

"Have subscribed to the most expensive TV 2 Sumo package for years, and it's just getting more and more trouble. Tonight it's high that they don't show tonight's PL fight directly" another writes.

With City victory over Everton, they will take over the table top from Liverpool with a game more played, so the match is very important for the situation at the top of the table in England.

But TV2 is not allowed to show the fight.

– The fight does not appear directly on television in England, and therefore we do not have the opportunity to show it directly. But football fans get all the goals of TV 2 Sport their app continuously, and it will also be shown in the recording tonight, says Jan-Petter Dahl on TV 2 Wednesday evening.

It is the license holder in England who chooses mid-matches, and TV 2 has no opportunity to influence the choice of matches.

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