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The Dutch editor believes the fans are turning to Ødegaard. Then it turned out.

LJUBLJANA: "Come on, boys. We're leaving!"

Lars Lagerbäck's assistant Per Joar «Perry» Hansen draws through silence.

The quiet training session, the start of a national team that brings together the Norwegian team hope will end six points and group victory in the Nations League, was a few minutes ago.

But Martin Ødegaard and Iver Fossum stand out on the lawn. Long pass, reception, a delicate handset from Ødegaard – before they finally subberger towards the sideline after Perry's conversation.

The Ødegaard has a hook producing technical repertoire is well known. With the ball he can the most. But one thing is to get the ball silky with the heel of training, something else to use the technology to influence matches. That's what the national team hopes to get from the 19-year-old.

– Heavy load fell off him

This hope has been strengthened recently in the Netherlands.

Last weekend, Ødegaard made a magnificent free kick when Vitesse defeated Utrecht. It followed a goal against Heracles in the cup.

It was Ødegaard's first two points since the loan transfer to Vitesse was completed in late August.

"It gives confidence and confidence to achieve goals. I've been waiting for the first goal. It's always free to get it," Ødegaard told Aftenposten.

"Heracle's goal was very important, it felt like a heavy burden fell by him, since then he has played better and with much more self-esteem. He showed in the last two league matches against PSV and Utrecht. It's Ødegaard that everyone wants to see, says Lex Lammers.

As a sports editor in the Dutch local newspaper De Gelderlander, he follows Vitesse very close.

The fans answered

Ødegaard's promise was awaited. Lammers believes the fans were about to turn to Norwegian.

He takes a moment from the fight against Fortuna Sittard on October 28th.

He killed a chance with a strange dribble, which took him from the right side and almost out of the stadium to the left. Then the fans reacted with despair. In the first months he had only one help. It was too little, says Lammers to Aftenposten.

"When people start talking about it, it will be a lot of talk. Then it's obviously delicious to get points," says Ødegaard.

Target goals before the season

Before the season, the order was ready, both from Ødegaard and the surrounding area around him. He had to improve the final product. The technical present was able to raise important moments.

Everyone agreed that two goals and a help last season in Heerenveen did not hold even though the stock was overpaid by the performance.

"I know that I've created a lot and maybe better results. So I have not stressed so much about it. Of course goals aim for self-esteem, but it's not that it's going to determine if I'm a good player or not. more left. I was the third last in a number of goals last year, maybe not so many people think about it.

– What is your satisfaction with your own achievement?

"If I create things, I'm offensive and create chances. If I'm the second, third last, or in the building game, it's not the most important thing. But when I help to create chances and accelerate, I feel I'm the best. stop and help it, sometimes in nothing.

– What have you learned as a player and person since you came to the Netherlands?

"I feel that I'm an adult, I'm taking more on the schedule. Out of the track, it was a bit difficult in Madrid with languages, people who were not my age and some. It was a bit difficult to get out of the field. very easy. It is an environment where young people are expected to catch and talk a lot.

– Could be as good as he wants

The club leader in Vitesse talked about having a central playmaker role in the team. Currently, however, he has started to the right, partly due to injuries in Vitesse's assault series. But against Utrecht this weekend he got the chance centrally because of injury to midfielder team mate Thulani Serero.

"We got some damage to the edge players, so it became natural to move there, and after that they have been happy with it. But, as I said earlier, I also think about it." I also get freedom there, says Ødegaard.

Now Vitesse knows that Lammers is excited about the leader Leonid Slutsky will give Ödegaard more chances centrally in the future.

The hope is that it will be released – and that he can follow Mason Mounts footsteps, the Englishman who scored nine goals and eight goalkeepers at Chelsea last year.

Mounts start last season's memory a little about the start that Ødegaard has had. But he became the team's best player. That's what your oyster must come, says Lax Lammers.

Landsbanken Lagerbäck is waiting for Ödegaard to become even more efficient. "I had lied if I said something else," he adds. But he remembers that the boy from Drammen is still only 19 years old.

"He can be as good as he wants. The only one who can set limits is himself.

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