Monday , January 18 2021

This happened on Sunday night

Over 500 died of Ebola

The Ebola outbreak in the east of Congo has so far taken 505 lives, according to the Ministry of Health in the country.

806 cases of the lethal virus have been recorded, and since August 77,000 people have been vaccinated against the virus, the DRC said in a statement.

The outbreak east of the Congo began shortly after the country's government announced in June last year that the father was in another outbreak – west of Congo.

Authorities and relief organizations have had major challenges in working in the area due to attacks by rebel groups and other military groups.

EbolaThe outbreak is the second largest in world history behind the outbreaks in West Africa, which cost thousands of people some years ago, according to the World Health Organization (WHO).

EbolaThe virus is transmitted via direct contact with body fluids such as blood, sweat and vomiting. A person must have symptoms to be contagious.

Three men stuck in Oslo

A man is critically wounded after a stabbing in Storgata in Oslo night to Sunday. Two other men were seriously injured. The police were informed of the 2.05 knife plug.

"Witnesses have seen another person running from the site and we are looking for him," says Operation Director Vidar Pedersen to NTB. Kl. 4.30 there was no arrest yet.

Police were informed of the knife plug that occurred near Brugata on Sunday at. 2.05.

"It meant that a man is stacked with a knife and lies on the ground while another person is seen running from the spot," says Operation Director Vidar Pedersen to NTB.

– When the emergency service arrives, a person is stung in the stomach. He is quickly handled by ambulance staff and driven directly to the operating table at Ullevål Hospital. The hospital confirms that he is stacked with a knife, says Pedersen.

Critically damaged

The man who is in the late 30's is critically wounded. Two men in their 20s who went to the emergency room themselves are serious but not life-threatening, said Pedersen at. 4.30.

– Both are linked to the incident in Storgata, and it is confirmed that they have been involved in the fight there. Witnesses confirm that another person ran out of place and we are looking for him, says Pedersen. Kl. 4.30 there was no arrest yet.

– We are still working on getting the fourth person, as well as working on the job, says the operator. Crimean technicians were called to the site after the knife stabbing.

Unknown reason

Pedersen says that they do not know what is the cause of the strike.

– The man who is critically wounded has not yet been questioned. There has been a dialogue with the other two, but we have not received any significant information from them to date. We hope that they will tell us more over time.

Record for abuse reception

The reception center in Oslo has never accepted as many as last year. In Bergen, the summit from 2017 was almost flat. 628 people came to the reception in 2018. This is 14 percent more than the year before, writes Bergens Tidende.

229 people came to rape reception in Bergen last year, compared to 234 the year before.

The Colonel returns Maduro

A Colonel in the Venezuelan military is asking his colleagues to support opposition leader Juan Guaidó.

– 90 percent of us in armed forces are very dissatisfied. We are used to keeping Maduro in effect, Colonel Ruben Paz Jimenez says.

He urges his fellow soldiers to contribute by letting the humanitarian aid on the Colombian border enter the country.

Turkey criticizes China

"The systematic assimilation policy of the Chinese authorities against Uyghur Turks is a great shame for humanity," said spokesman Hami Aksoy of Turkey's Foreign Ministry in a statement on Saturday.

Up to 1 million Uighurs and other Muslim minorities are detained in camps in the province of Xinjiang northwest of China, according to the UN.


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