Sunday , October 24 2021

Three cars with an accident in Breivik tunnel: Man in the 60's is more easily injured


Emergency data was run at 14.50 after a traffic accident in the Breivik tunnel.

"There has been a traffic accident in the tunnel, now closed between Breivika and the first roundabout, traffic operator Christer Svendsen reported at Veitrafikksentralen to Nordlys at 15.10.

At 15.35, the police confirmed that three cars had been involved in the accident.

A person got stuck

– A person sticks while two persons are expected to be transported to UNN trauma reception. All the rescue services are in place, police say.

Nordlys reporter on location announced at 15.24 that there was a car storage car ready in Breivika.

– Because the tunnel is closed, it leads to a queue in the area. The ambulance and the police are in place, reports reporter Jørn Normann Pedersen.

At 15.58, Troms police area on Twitter announced that the driver of one of the cars was freed from the wreck and sent to UNN trauma reception.

Slightly damaged

At 4.40 pm, the subscriber Per-Christan Johansen warned that one of the persons concerned was sent to medical care while a 60-year-old man was sent to UNN.

"The person is more easily injured and added for observation," explains Johansen.

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