Thursday , April 15 2021

Two people went to a place in Oslo


The extent of the damage is unknown. The police are now searching for one or more perpetrators.

Published: Updated: 18.11.18 03:25

The police broke out after hearing a fight in the blue spot at Grünerløkka just before 02:30 at night.

"When the first patrol came to the site it turned out that it was a knife stick. It must have happened at the site," says Marita Aune, CEO of VG.

– Two people with stable injuries have been sent to hospital. The extent of the damage has not been clarified, so I do not want to say anything more about the insults that are currently. They are being treated in hospitals now, she says.

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No person has been arrested until now, but the police are in place with more patrols and work with the witnesses' hearing. According to the police, there may also be a third person who is injured.

– It is based on information we received on the site. But we do not currently have control over this person, "said Aune.

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