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10 alarms and risk factors for the most aggressive and fatal cancer


November 15, 2018, 16:30.

Pancreatic cancer is one of the types of most mortal and aggressive cancer who know each other 95% of cases are diagnosed in advanced stages and patients with the disease have a survival of up to 6 months.

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Therefore, the early discovery of this carcinoma This is crucial, but due to the organization's location, routine review makes it complicated, except in most cases this disease is confused with gastrointestinal problems.

For this reason, i World's cancer in the pancreas (November 16), the specialists in League Against Cancer, through its campaign "Give your place to the pancreas", They know the most important charactersl cancer in the pancreas that you should not let go unnoticed:


1. INK OR YELLOW COLOR (skin and eyes)

The fact that the patients turn yellow is the most striking symptom. If tumor It lies in the head of the pancreas, it can cover the departure of the bile and the patient took a yellow color. In most cases, it is one of the most important ways to discover disease in time, given that this symptom is what is revealed to a large extent.


It is very possible that such a pain is not something, but if it continues for a long time, it would not hurt to make a verify. The pain is reflected as a pain in the fringes, in the form of a belt. The pain almost reaches the spine and is very intense.


Losing weight unexplained can be a signal that you should pay attention to. If you experience loss of appetite or feel uncomfortable after eating, it may also be a sign of pancreatic cancer.


Although this may be a factor that alerts diabetes It is a disease Very common Diabetes, in some cases occurs in early stages, but in others it is already produced with disease more advanced

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Being overweight is a risk factor for suffering pancreatic cancer. People who are very overweight (overweight) are about 20% more likely to suffer frompancreas ancer Accumulating weight around the waist can be a risk factor even for people who are not very overweight.

6. Tobacco consumption

Smoking is one of the most important risk factors for pancreatic cancer. The risk of pancreatic cancer is about twice as high among smokers than among people who have never smoked. It is thought that between 20% and 30% of pancreatic cancer is caused by cigarette smoking. In addition, smoking cigars increases and also increases the risk, as well as the use of oral tobacco products (without smoke).

7. Alcoholic consumption

Some studies have found a link between excessive alcohol consumption and pancreatic cancer. This link is not yet ready, although excessive consumption of alcohol can lead to conditions such as chronic pancreatitis and cirrhosis, which are known to increase the risk of pancreatic cancer.


The risk of suffering from it increases if a family member is affected by this type cancer, but that's not a rule. It is recommended that you perform a regular screening test.

9. Age

The risk of suffering pancreatic cancer It increases when the person ages. Almost all patients are over 45 years old. About two thirds of patients are at least 65 years old.


Studies have shown that excessive consumption of meat and fat increases the risk pancreatic cancer.

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The best way to avoid cpancreas ancer avoids the risk factors and has a healthy lifestyle like: taking care of our weight and choosing healthy foods like vegetables and fresh fruits, avoiding red meat, and foods high in fat or sugar. It is also important to avoid sedentary lifestyle and practice any kind of sport, as well as eliminate the consumption of tobacco and alcohol.

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