Tuesday , August 3 2021

Ana María Choquehuanca broke down when he spoke about the resignation from the PpK bench | Photo 1 of 3 | national

Congress woman Ana Maria Choquehuanca (not grouped) was broken in a TV interview when he told of the reasons that led her to resign her to the Peruvian Bench of Cambio (PpK) last Thursday.

First Choquehuanca He explained that his decision is related to "internal situations" in the official group and not because of differences with the government. He said that "the bench's affairs have always been dealt with aside."

"I have had no confrontation with the president, with anyone from the government. I do not feel bad about anything they have done to me about not being met. Even the lack of meetings that have been held […] sometimes it is also the lack of the same spokesman who is on duty on the bench, ”he told Latina.


Ana María Choquehuanca talked about her resignation from PpK. (Video: Latina)

According to Ana Maria Choquehuanca, in Peruanos por el Kambio "there were things running over." He commented that his departure from the official group was for an "emotional" reason because he was a victim of "discriminatory acts."

“In my case, it's an emotional reaction. No no [me arrepiento]. Discrimination or when you feel abused in a discriminatory act and in my condition, above all, that I have been a woman minister, no. he said. Ana Maria Choquehuanca.

He said these events took place "from the beginning" of the parliamentary term, in July 2016, and said he felt "very abused" but "you stop and say enough."

Despite her resignation, she hinted that she will not join another bank because of the involvement she has with the people who elected her, and assured that she will remain in line with the government.

“PpK, the party, my dedication, the one I had when approaching such enthusiasm, lives here [corazón] and he will live until we finish in 2020 or 2021, ”he said Ana Maria Choquehuanca.

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