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"Dragon Ball Super: Broly": Filtered movie! The true Saiyan who was supposed to hit Broly [SPOILERS] | Dragon Ball | Anime | Cinema | Premiere | Film | anime

Dragon Ball Super It has finally reached the big screen. Broly He made his first appearance in a special screening for some lucky winners drawn by the newspaper V-Jump. There appeared the appearance of old characters in a monumental manner, like freezer, Ginyu Special Forces, Paragus, among others. As expected they have Filtrated some details about the movie before time.

Dragon Ball Super – SPOILERS Alert

We warn you that the following lines contain SPOILERS from "Dragon Ball Super: Broly "and although they have not been confirmed, we recommend that you see the band before. But if you are very keen to know the direction of the band, we share a basic detail for the new stories of Dragon ball.

Well, according to media specialist in anime Otakuanimelife On your website there is one Saiyajin it would hit Broly and it's not about Goku or vegeta. We are talking about Gogeta, the merger of both without the known waiver.

It is right, Akira Toriyama would revive the powerful warrior for the new movie "Dragon Ball Super: Broly & # 39 ;. It has obviously been said that the game is spectacular, but it will not happen on earth but in another dimension.

Part of the film will focus on discovering this powerful merger. For this purpose, Piccolo It will be basic. He will be responsible for guidance Goku and vegeta to come to Gogeta, so he will not be a fight against Legendary Saiyajin.

as Piccolo, bills It will not add to the battle. He would take care of the children to the protagonists. What do you think of this plot of "Dragon Ball Super: Broly "to date?

We remind you that it is only filtered information, not confirmed. We have to wait till January 17 to learn more about the real motivation of Broly to reach the earth or, in this case, the unknown dimension.

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