Saturday , November 28 2020

Eat fish and reduce the risk of cancer

Cancer is one of the diseases with the highest mortality in the world. According to data from the League Against Cancer, 45,000 new cases of this disease have been discovered each year in our country, but we have happily available to fish as an ally to reduce the risk of suffering from this disease.

The Ministry of Production, using the national program "To eat fish", recalls that consumption of fish frequently combined with a healthy lifestyle reduces the chances of developing cancer thanks to Omega 3 present in this nutritious food.

Janira Paucar, nutritionist for "eating fish" points out that several studies have found that omega 3 acids of EPA and DHA types hinder the mobility of cancer cells. This helps reduce the risk of invasion, metastasis and other degenerative processes that occur at the mobile level of people with cancer.

One of the studies is from Massachusetts General Hospital in the United States, which states that EPA and DHA are beneficial for patients suffering from colon cancer. This is because they manage to block tumor growth and lower the process of angiogenesis (growth of new blood vessels), allowing the tumor to continue to grow.

"In this study, compiled by medical experts in gastrointestinal problems, a significant reduction in the risk of colon cancer was observed and this was associated with the intake of Omega 3, both in food and in fish oil supplements." Said the specialist.

Healthy diet

Utilizing this and other benefits of Omega3 is essential for consuming blue fish (bonito, jackmakrel, anchovy and mackerel) in healthy preparations such as baked, steamed, grilled, parboiled, including forging fritters, as these reduce the contributed nutritional status of these marine species. .

In addition to fish, it is very important to include foods such as fruits, vegetables and legumes in the diet, as well as reduce the intake of low-fat foods.

The specialist points out that it is necessary to limit the consumption of alcohol, tobacco and refined sugars. Similarly, physical activity performs at least 30 minutes a day to take care of health.

MarPez application

To promote the consumption of fish, the Ministry of Production presented the application "MarPez", where users will find different recipes based on fish, among other content.

The purpose of the mobile application is to inform the pigs about the benefits of fish consumption and the importance of taking care of our hydrobiological species. "MarPez" is part of a campaign aimed at promoting the consumption of fish among pears, for which it will be established Tuesday as the most important day to promote fish consumption and promote a healthier eating culture throughout the country.

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