Wednesday , April 21 2021

For Francisco Guillermo Ochoa, "urges" a solid coach in the national team


CÓRDOBA – Four months after the World Cup in Russia, the lack of a coach focused on the process of Selección Mexicana is a matter of urgency for the team, goalkeeper Guillermo Ochoa is being analyzed at the end of the defeat against Argentina in the second last friendly match this year.

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"Urges (coaches) to work and prepare the games; It is important to plan better calls. Urges the stability of the selection and the small big difference (with Argentina) is that where they compete, their growth is greater, says the goalkeeper.

One aspect that also has considerations about this subject, reflected the archer who emerged from the basic forces in America, is the same requirement that the players do not now have a strategist focusing on what's ahead.

"You do not know what will happen later and whether he will count on you or not. In a selection when you have some time to work, it's important to have the coach," he says.

Javier Güémez was consulted in the same subject, which was not so profound in the analysis as Ochoa, saying that at least in this case there are rivals against which a great deal of experience is acquired.

"It's part of the transition that the change of coaches experiences and the search for new generations is part of that process and the best way to meet it is against this kind of rivals or like the latest FIFA dates and it suits us very well" he said.

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