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Gamarra: stores record increase in sales following street vendor withdrawal | Economy | Corporation

This Thursday is 15 months since six months La Victoria Municipality published Regulation No 298-2019, where informal dealers were expelled from the immediate vicinity of the commercial emporium Gamarra.

In this sense, 18 suppliers from 20 shops visited this one daily between blocks 14 and 16 of Jirón Hipólito Unanue pointed it out Sales grew from the eradication of informality. Even two indicated that they discovered improvements up to 80%.

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According to suppliers Elsa and Yola, who sell clothes for babies and polo shirts, respectively, this increase was recorded lately National Holidays compared to 2018.

"The walkers were located on the public highway, so they blocked the entrance to all the shops. Therefore, the buyers did not have the opportunity to enter them, but could only walk through the middle of the lane," said Elsa, from her booth in the gallery " La Torre de Gamarra ".


Average sales growth between February and August was almost 30%among the 18 merchants surveyed by this newspaper who observed a better situation. This is because buyers can now enter the premises.

In the past, the stores were heavily influenced by the high informality that also made the streets of the commercial area unacceptable, at the time making the shops on the first floors of the galleries invisible.

"[Pasamos] Christmas and New Year's cry almost after the very low sales. Even when SUNAT I came to inspect and saw my tickets, I thought badly [porque no estaba emitiendo]but it was because they didn't buy me, "said Mrs. Isabel, a jersey seller for 15 years in Gamarra.

She explained that street vendors – not having to pay municipal taxes or rent – offered similar textiles to stores at lower prices. And this made buyers choose these options.

“We felt helpless because we [en las tiendas] We couldn't offer lower prices: we pay maintenance, basic services, taxes to Sunat. A product of S / 45 here [en las tiendas] you found him on the track at S / 15, "said Elsa, a baby clothing store.

Most merchants also agree that the regulation was published in February helped to reduce the uncertainty in these streets. And although the effect was not immediate, there was a growth in the influx of people into the premises. Two dealers indicated that this indicator would have risen by up to 90% after a few weeks.

“Now more people are coming because they feel more confident when they travel. This leads to stores having more visits that are potential sales, ”said grocer Sandra Flores.


But not everyone agrees that the eradication of informality has been positive for these companies. Roxy, attending a baby clothes rack, mentioned it The high flow of people along these streets also disappeared along with the travel plans.

"They called attention and were like a & # 39; hook & # 39; for people to come into the galleries," he said. Following that line, Sheyla, a sportswear retailer, said that although there was an increase in sales, this has been easy, "because people are left with street vendors."

A jeans dealer who preferred not to identify himself indicated it clothing companies, located on the highest floors of the various towers of the emporium, has not seen with good eyes Regulation No 298-2019.

This because expulsion of the informal trade with Gamarra reduced the production of textiles significantly.

According to figures published in February by the municipality led by George Forsyth, there were 15,000 informal walkers occupied tracks and trails in the commercial emporium.

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