Wednesday , April 21 2021

Minedu recalls the school principle where three schoolchildren were baptized

Jorge Félix Lucho Sandoval, head of the Hipolito Unanue School, where three schoolchildren were baptized last Wednesday, were dismissed from his post in a preventive way, reported the ministry of education (Minedu).

The decision was taken by the Commission for disciplinary administrative processes at the Metropolitan Lima (DRELM) Committee, having known the results of the preliminary investigation carried out at the Lima Education Center.

Then, DRELM and UGEL 03 installed in the school an interim commission that will be responsible from now on to participate in an integrated way for the students. This working group consists of specialists in the field of administration, supervision, supervision and coexistence of UGEL.

Minedu announced that it will strengthen the development of activities involving teachers, parents and students to prevent cases of violence and drug abuse in schools. The affected children, as well as the researcher appointed as the person responsible for doping, will receive psychological and socio-emotional support from the sector.

As is remembered, three schoolchildren in 14 years old found half-conscious in the national school Hipolito Unanue, located in Cercado de Lima. According to the testimony of witnesses, a classmate should have baptized them.

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