Wednesday , October 27 2021

Openness about Moisés Mamani: Evidence requires impeachment | Policy


The President of the Civil Liability Association, Allan Wagner, said today that the evidence against the Congress Moíses Mamani They are overwhelming and require them to be immediately exposed to them.

When commenting on the complaint against Mamani for allegedly wrong contact by a crew member of Latam Peru, she considered that the legislator "discredits Congress" and Fuerza Popular, the party to which he belongs.

"In addition to his extensive record, which should have prevented him from reaching the congress, his latest killer reveals him as an insulting and despicable essence, and the overwhelming evidence requires his immediate persecution," he said.

In the evening, the bench Popular Force agreed to suspend temporarily Mamani until the investigations against him end, then a definitive action will be taken.

On Thursday night, Latam reported it Mamani He had to be taken off the plane after being accused of making an undue touch to one of the crew.

Mamani denied being taken off for that reason, and assured that he asked the ethics commission to start an investigation of the facts as soon as possible, Andina reported.

The eighth provincial criminal prosecutor's office in Callao will be responsible for seeing the complaint against Mamani, according to the prosecutor's office.

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