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Peruvian national team: Miguel Trauco and the reason why the friendlies could be lost in the United States | Peruvian national teams

He did not conduct a training day alongside his new companions in Saint-Étienne, however Miguel Trauco He lived up to the circumstances and debuted on the right foot in the French league. However, the side is off Peruvian national teams He realizes that he still has to work harder to reach his best physical shape, given the little continuity he had in Brazil.

For that reason the environment in Miguel Trauco He considers it important that & # 39; Genio & # 39; not included in the list of 23 players drafted by Ricardo Gareca for friendly clashes against Ecuador and Brazil in the United States.

Of course, it's an adaptation problem, so it Miguel Trauco I managed to understand the game idea that the technician Ghislain Printant is trying to capture: high pressure and possession.

Although Ricardo Gareca has not taken an official stance on the matter Miguel Trauco, it was also known that part of the technical command of Peruvian national teams He looks forward to io Genio & # 39; prioritizing its adaptation to European football.

If this option was specified, Miguel Trauco could appear for the friendly matches that will contest Peruvian national teams before Uruguay on October 11 (Montevideo) and October 15 (Peru).

Santos confirmed that Christian Cueva is not part of Jorge Sampoli's plans. (America TV)

Santos confirmed that Christian Cueva is not part of Jorge Sampoli's plans. (America TV)

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