Tuesday , March 2 2021

PlayStation 5 would be officially presented in February 2020 | video games

We face one day more than moved in terms of the future of the brand PlayStation Regarding future product launches related to the company. Now we return to the load with a new statement issued by the same person saying it Playstation 5 It was officially presented in February next year.

What most attracts attention with regard to this rumor is the specificity that turns out to be the information that emerges from it, given that that source defends that Sony will celebrate a new one PlayStation meeting on the 16th of the month already mentioned, where he announces his console for the next generation. (via NeoGAF)

However, the data released by the source not only stays there as they also ensure that the event will focus on providing titles like the one already commented on The Last of Us Part II or Ghost of Tushima.

We can only mention that in the coming weeks and months we will pay close attention to the leveling of PlayStation with the aim of quickly clearing all the doubts that still exist about the future of some of its games, as well as the future, similar to PlayStation 5, its next-generation console.


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