Monday , October 18 2021

Sunedu grants licensing to Le Cordon Bleu University | Society


They are already 58. The National Superintendent for Higher Education (Sunedu) was granted discharge for a period of six years at the University of Le Cordon Bleu (ULCB), after demonstrating the fulfillment of the basic conditions of quality laid down in university legislation.

ULCB is a private university specializing in gastronomy, hospitality, management and management. It's around 600 students and 59 teachers (25.4% full-time).

When you get discharge institutional, Le Cordon Bleu University will be able to enable its education service of 9 programs. Five of these are new and can be offered as of the day of licensing.

Thus, the ULCB becomes the house for study number 58 in obtaining the license informed the agency Andina.

In order to achieve the quality standards required by Sunedu, Le Cordon Bleu expressed his educational offer and gave up to give two undergraduate programs, a master's degree and a doctorate.

During the verification process, the study house showed that the compliance of indicators referring to infrastructure and sufficient equipment for their students and the type of specialized education it provides.

To guarantee an exclusive location, university moved to a new facility during the evaluation process. This facility has four laboratories, a workshop, 17 classrooms, an auditorium and a library as well as environments for teachers.

As for the work in research academic and scientific, Le Cordon Bleu has a research center to promote projects developed by teachers, students and academics in eight rows of research, all linked to their academic programs.

Even it university has a magazine indexed in Latindex. The arbitration procedure and the issue of this publication are responsible for the ULCB Research Center.

Le Cordon Bleu It has 40 agreements signed with public and private institutions, 20 of which are aimed at pre-professional and professional practice, signed between 2013 and 2018. In addition, the university is a part of national and international organizations in the tourism industry.

The improvements that derive from the licensing process also affect institutional management and encourage continual improvement. In this sense, ULCB now has an institutional quality plan, a quality university accreditation office, which is responsible for maintenance, improvement and compliance with the company's quality objectives.

Finally, the university has an employment program and a monitoring plan to contribute to the workforce effort and the development of employability that are included in the basic quality conditions.

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