Friday , April 23 2021

The family's startup is already worth $ 8 billion, far from Silicon Valley


Qualtrics manufactures customer research software used by Microsoft and General Electric, which helped more than eight times their revenue

the billionaires mtos new of the industry of the techniqueíto they are one couple of brothers to fundor one now of software in the sorTano of the House of their parents in Utah. now, Ryan and Jared Smith you sellton Qualtrics international to the Giant European SAP of or$s8 million and couldton follow administration the now.

Ryan, of 40 toñyou, this is the mtomaximum executive and the face visible of one Start toof way unusualis resistanceor to receive capital risk during mtos of ten toñyou and Finally cerror agreement with Accel and Sequoia capital.

with one tasaciorn mtos latest of or$s2,500 million, Qualtrics manufactures software for studies to customers used of name as microsoft and general electric, the to helpedor to mtos to octuplicar their income in the úlast seven toñyou.

Smith this is one species of celebrity in one toextent of Startup of Utah where alsoén estton, and the receiverén arrival to bag dome Inc.

his love of his state natal then to Qualtrics support events as the Conference Silicon slopes Utah, to exhibitions to business local and the snowboard and the skiingí of the Registrationorn.

Ryan, to one time it willíto rejected one offer of or$s500 million of his now; his family and Other great shareholder now pocketton if or$s7,000 million of their actions. nothing wrong for one mtomaximum responsible which salary it was of or$s100,000 the toñor last.

"one Never forget his first Meetingorn with Ryan Smith" I wroteor in one publicationorn of blog Bryan Schreier, one partner of Sequoia capital.

"one marketers wild, Ryan complement the mentality discreet of engineer of his Brother. but the, his Father, Scott, and his cofounder, Stuart, clear part one set of values".

Qualtrics habíto is shown the paper for perform one offer púRepublic initial in States States and is prepared for collect close of or$s500 million.

the mtomaximum executive of SAP, Bill McDermott, is anticipor to the OPI with one offer íntegramente in effective to I was mtos of 75% of above of the tasaciorn projected for the now. in one Call in Conference, McDermott he said to SAP teníto to put the money since to road show of Qualtrics you I was go Good.

the approach of Qualtrics is base in the to called "Gestiorn of experiences"(XM) toughún Schreier, of Sequoia. it is in analyze each appearance of the experience of customer for strengthen his Fidelity and their recommendations, the to the now Judge basic in one élow in the to the network social them give mtos effect to Never to the individuals for express yourself.

the Other element unusual of Qualtrics this is his headquarters, far of tosale of the Bahíto of Saint Francisco, considered the cradle of the industry Tecnolorgica USA. This now family is involucror deep in all, from the sponsorship of Utah jazz up initiative filantrorspades local. Ryan, one mormonorn, usually speak in púPUBLIC on the potential of state.

"to very people This place this is rare" he said Ryan, and mentionor the lack of diversity and the curiosities of the life in the place. "We have to do him mtos Ftocil to the people be hereí, since we have all for convert this in one great center TecnolorGico".

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