Thursday , May 13 2021

UEFA: Manchester City and Paris Saint-Germain get a strong warning against leaks of "football leaks"

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the UEFA did not stay quiet before the leaks that have seen football leaks in recent days. Alexander Ceferin, the president of the body concerned, issued a statement to the press office "AFP" where they say they will not have a problem when reviewing certain cases closed and imposing hard penalties.

Although the team is not called any team, it is clear that the indirect UEFA It is aimed at both Manchester City and PSG. Both clubs have been supported by UEFA to avoid "economically fair game". This has also been done thanks to support from Michel Platini and the same Gianni Infantino, President of FIFA.

"If any of the new data suggests that some closed files were not handled properly, the different cases could be resumed", UEFA's warning in the document was presented to AFP. Let's see what exactly happened to both of the clubs mentioned.

Manchester City has first and foremost received a very strong amount of money. They are estimated more than 2.700 million euros of its largest shareholder located in Abu Dhabi. This has not been missed and a few years ago they had a small punishment, but now everything could be for the English box.

Paris Saint-Germain has received revenues in recent years from the Qatar government. A total of 1,800 million euros which have been established as refunds for advertising contracts. Here they will chop Platini and Infantino who have been accomplices in this fraud to UEFA.

UEFA can use it to compare numbers, reserves the right to request explanations, clarifications or denial of the corresponding law. "

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