Monday , October 18 2021

UFC Argentina: Peruvian Jesus Pinedo defeated US Devin Powell by unanimous decision | VIDEO | Live Live broadcast via FOX Sports Trade Total Sport | Sportcenter


Jesús Pinedo 22 years old, he defeated decisively Devin Powell in UFC Argentina. The Peruvians struck the American several times and won in their debut at the match company.

The Peruvians started very well with a promising first round of five minutes. The 22-year-old national fighter knocked down his rival twice; But he did not take the fight to the ground because it is not his specialty.

The second round had the same tone, with Jesús Pinedo dominating the struggle with careful shot; However, he was not close to KO at any time. At the end of the second set he was injured, but time has ended.

The third round served to confirm Peruvian triumph with the score, as he began to measure and change his goal: he concentrated on meeting to keep catching points.

The match is about three rounds in light (70 kg). This match is the second of the official "card" and will be broadcast at 7:30 am (Peruvian time) live by FOX Sport. Although he is 8 years younger than his opponent, Peruvians have a lot more professional experience: he has 20 fights -15 wins, 4 losses and one draw-while Powell has 12 matches -9 wins and 3 falls.

the & # 39; Mudo & # 39; Pinedo represents the Pitbull Martial Arts Center (PMAC) team of Iván Iberico and signed with UFC after winning this year two national belts, both in spring weight (65.7 kg): Inka FC in February and 300 Sparta in June.

"I think the fight will be up and for the people it will be entertaining. Honestly, I do not think it will reach the judges' decision," he said in an interview with El Comercio.

Jesús Pinedo He arrives at the event with a strike of six consecutive victories, all received before the last call: three with technical knockout (TKO) and three by submission.

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