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WHO calls for prevention, treatment and care of diabetes


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Person sweet drink, when in the world, according to WHO figures, a total of 1.5 million deaths occurred due to diabetes in the world for 2012. Foto / Courtesy

Physical exercise and proper nutrition, that is, the guideline established by the World Health Organization and by medical authorities, such as the National Center for Preventive Programs and Disease Control in Mexico, to try to reduce diabetes Worldwide. And for those who suffer from it, have a better quality of life and less chance to suffer complications that can lead to premature death.

Being the key to maintaining stable blood sugar levels, as well as optimizing insulin response with the intelligent intake of food, says health issues Suggest these courses to prevent diabetes or if you suffer, treat it:

  1. Base the cost of cereals, vegetables, fruit and legumes. his metabolism does not dramatically change the release of insulin from the body when taken. Reduced parts of food of animal origin are part of the protocol, as its consumption effectively stimulates blood glucose significantly.
  2. go Low glycemic index fruit helps to limit the consumption of processed foods like cakes, salty snacks, cookies or chips which are included in their ingredients, unhealthy fats, such as saturated, trans and high doses of sugar
  3. has Discipline with simple carbohydrates is crucial. Well, they are those who raise blood sugar levels because they contain refined sugar. If sweet tastes are preferred, recommend using low or no calorie sweeteners which do not significantly affect the glycemic indexes.
  4. In terms of physical activity. First place aerobic exercise with moderate intensity for 30 minutes, five days a week then helps the body to use insulin better, strengthens the heart, decreases blood sugar and blood pressure
  5. The previous one is supplemented with Exercise by weight, with a frequency of two and three days a week to strengthen the muscles and legs, which causes the body to improve its hormonal environment and is more sensitive to insulin.

Diabetes in numbers

WHO appreciates it in Latin America Diabetes occurs in Belize and Mexico. with prices of 12.4% and 10.7%. Managua, Guatemala City and Bogota vary with prices ranging from 8% to 10%, while in the United States. UU. about 9.3%. This organism He estimated a total of 1.5 million deaths from diabetes in the world by 2012, according to his latest report.

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