Saturday , March 6 2021

Why has Samsung patented a smartphone that acts as a triptych? | Technology | Technology and science

One of the devices that gave what to talk about during launch was Samsung Galaxy Fold, the device that is capable of bending in two without damaging its screen. Now the South Korean company could bring a smartphone that will become a triptych.

Let's go digital reporting it Samsung It has patented a device that has two folds and which, when expanded, is a fairly large tablet.

According to the images of the patent and the concepts created by the European website, the phone is as wide as a tablet when unfolded; but it is also extremely thin when folded, perhaps with a radius of 21: 9.

Samsung You make various changes and test conditions for your next foldable phone so there are no delays or any inconveniences like the one with Galaxy Fold.

Galaxy Fold will go on sale this year and Huawei, the only company to have an officially announced folding phone, delayed the launch of the mobile phone at the end of the year this week.

No doubt, the year of folding phones does not seem to be 2019. Who knows if we can see a much more compact and durable device in the near future.

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