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ZX Ventures closed the acquisition of Barbarian and tripled its production to position | companies

The strategy for ZX Ventures To increase the craft market (craft beer) in the world is to invest in companies with growth potential.

That is the case with Barbarian, the Peruvian craft brewer who became part of ZX, which had acquired 100% of its shares, for an undisclosed amount, and maintained the team of founders and partners. In the operation, it was agreed that the bar business line is in the hands of the founders.

Since 2015, ZX Ventures has been the global growth and innovation group AnheuserBusch InBev.

With this, Barbarian becomes part of the global portfolio of håndværksøl by ZX, and plans to triple the production capacity of its plant in 2020 and thus position itself in the Peruvian market

"The goal of this deal is to maintain the success and growth of barbaric while taking advantage of the opportunities in a market where demand for craft beer is increasing," he said. Daniel Maia, director of craft breweries at ZX Ventures for Central America.

The central idea of ​​this acceleration would be to capture a greater number of consumers.

“Today, the business is very focused in Lima, both in the commercial channels and in the four stores. There is a distribution in other cities in Peru, but this does not reach 10% of the business, and this is the point we know we can strengthen, ”Maia said. The company is also looking to grow with the draft format (chopp) that still has little presence in the local market.

So far, Barbarian has 4 bars and will seek to expand this business. "We believe there is room to open up to 20 flagship stores (with the full offering) and another 20 smaller ones (which would offer up to 4 varieties of beer. Between 40% and 60% of these stores will be located in that province, where we haven't landed yet, "Maia said.

Other Yes I say

Internationalization. Although Barbarian already has a presence in foreign markets, ZX will seek to increase the presence of the Peruvian brewery in markets where they already have brands such as Brazil (Colorado), Colombia (BBC) and Mexico (Cucupá). In countries such as Brazil and Argentina, the craft beer market already represents between 1% and 2% of the company.

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