Tuesday , August 3 2021

Samsung ditches headphone jack after jabs by jackless rivals

By Anick Jesdanun / Associated Press

NEW YORK – Samsung executives have long puzzled over rivals to cut headphone jacks into smartphones. With the new Galaxy Note 10, the company has now done exactly the same thing.

Note 10, announced Wednesday, is being squeezed in
more battery power and other goodies, but at the expense of the familiar old plug.
So now the company makes a face and declares that many people use
wireless headphones anyway.

Samsung, which has been pushing bigger for years
and larger screens also introduce a smaller version of note to
Those who think phones just got too big.

The new Note models come August 23.
The main model is called the Note 10 Plus and will have a display
measuring 6.8 inches diagonally. Although the screen is larger, its overall size
is about the same as last year's 6.4-inch Note 9. To achieve that, Samsung
shrunk even more down the frame that surrounds the screen.

The smaller 6.3-inch version is called
note 10 and will sell for almost $ 950, or $ 150 less than Plus. It is
designed for those who want the Note's signature pen without its
disposable signature size.

“You hit a certain point where you can't come
much bigger without being physically too big to hold, ”technology research
said analyst Bob O'Donnell. "That's the challenge they run into."

Hardware innovation in mobile devices has
been slower for years. Samsung addresses it with a foldable model, with
twice the display when unfolded. Samsung Fold comes in September after
Samsung made a few design changes to address the problems of reviewers' phones

Apple is expected to release new iPhones next
month. A version that works with next-generation 5G mobile networks is not
expected. Samsung will have a 5G version of the Note 10 Plus from almost
Note 10 Plus has a 7.5 percent capacity in battery capacity above
note 9, though Samsung's high-end phones have already promised
battery life all day. Samsung made no references to headphone jacks during
its 70-minute advertising event in New York.

Samsung officials told reporters separately
that although the 3.5mm headphone jack may seem small, every smidgeon is
of saved space can help extend battery life. Samsung is including the cable
headphones that connect the phone's USB-C data and charging port. An adapter
for other wired headphones sold separately for $ 10. Apple and Google as well
has turned off the regular headphone jack.

But O'Donnell noted the irony: "If you guys
gave everyone else the grief of having done it, why are you doing it? "Beyond that, the
Note 10 phones introduce new stylus features, including the ability to flip
through music and photo libraries by gesturing with the pen in the air. The
Phones bring a wide-angle lens that already exists in the S10 and uses software for
make audio appear higher – and therefore closer – in video recordings as you zoom in.
And by connecting a note 10 to a Windows or Mac computer with a USB cable,
users can interact with phone apps there and drag and drop files in between

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella appeared briefly to expand a partnership with Samsung. The collaboration includes giving Note users the ability to receive and respond to text messages and take phone calls from a Windows computer. Apple has long offered similar features, but only to its own devices like the iPhone and Mac.

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