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Weird cat cries out & loliloli & # 39; instead of & # 39; meow & # 39; – ASEAN Plus


TOKYO (Philippine Daily Inquirer / Asia News Network): Cats tend to make some strange sounds at night, especially when fighting or when there is a female in warmth.

But a Japanese cat decided to show its strange voice range from nowhere.

While the western culture tends to label cat sounds like "mia", the Japanese designate them as "nyao" or "new".

A cat named Chobimaru had other things in mind when it came to the owner and began to go "loliloliloliloliiiiloli", as reported by SoraNews24.

Twitter user LLR (@llritotomohiro) shared the odd behavior via a video tweet on November 12th.

It turned out that it was not the first time that Chobimaru went "loliloli" instead of "new". He wrote, "Chobimaru is talking again …. Scary."

Instead of letting cat look like, Chobimaru could be mistaken as a certain drunk person who tried to make a chant to call a little dark power.

Chobimarus's high sniffing between his "lolilolis" could even be heard, which could give rise to the confusion of "what" exactly made the strange sound.

The clip has been shown over 3.4 million times and other Japanese Twitter users were equally strange. A commenter wrote, "Sounds like he's trying to throw a magic spell."

Other cat owners who had similar experiences noted that when the cats were known, it was usually a warning for incoming problems.

LLR thanked the commentators for their concern and reported that Chobimaru returned to normal after the cat had its fill of chanting "loliloli".

Regardless of what led to Chobimarus chanting, it would be safe to say that most cat owners can only chalk it up to the wonderfully strange and mysterious ways of their cats. – Philippine Daily Inquirer / Asia News Network

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