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Dawid Kownacki will change the club? He can play with another Polish football representative

After 11 series of series A, Dawid Kownacki has a bad balance: nine looks and one goal only. In defense, he can quote the number of minutes he spent on the plan, because only 115 of them came together. Only if the player actually benefited from the fact that in one single match he did not get fit from the coach's basic composition? Or that he is playing only one end, and the longest episode he received lasted 29 minutes in a match with Milan (I can insist on the insistence that more was 89 minutes in the Italian Cup with third league Viterbese)?

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Dawid Kownacki is disappointing

Kownacki in the current league season does not go, which is disappointing. In representation up to 21 he plays very well, eliminating the Euro with 10 goals in nine appearances, in the fall he scored the goal in all four matches where he arrived, we count him close to finding twice with Portugal.

In the summer, Kownacki was at the world championship, he played in matches with Senegal and Columbus in the Russian Cup, and although he did not help to achieve positive results he was one of the few football players in our team who could not have been more demanding.

The Kownacki performances would be invested in the future. The 21-year-old had to grow in the team and in the club. After Sampdoria bought him from Lech Poznan in the first season in Italy, the goalkeeper made a promising balance of 24 appearances (also mainly from reserve benches), eight goals (five in the league and three in the national cup) and three assists. It was only meant to be better.

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Kownacki "lazy reserve"

"In three months, Kownacki from the rising star turned into a lazy reserve, after which it is difficult to expect anything to lead to the Sampdoria attack" – writes "Il Secolo XIX".

Apparently they do not expect this at the club and that is why they want to rent a pol to Bolognia in January. According to the Italian newspaper, the coach Marco Giampaolo prefers to have an experienced striker Mattia Destro from Bolognia, remembering fans from goals scored for Rome and Milan. He is not happy with the role he plays in Filippo Inzaghi's crew. According to Italy, the exchange on the Sampdoria – Bologna line is increasingly possible.

If it really comes to it, the Serna A Knicacki round will have a chance to play under the leader of the former big assailant, and for the club colleague to have the protection of Lukasz Skorupskis Bolognia.

In the Series A table, after 11 queues, Sampdoria is 10, has 15 points and goal balance 15:11. Bologna takes 16th place, collects only nine points, scored nine goals and lost 16.

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