Sunday , February 28 2021

Do we know Conor McGregor's next rival ?!

And while they all go to far-reaching conclusions, based on an interview by Donald Cerrone and various occasions, the scenario of such a duel is one of the most likely options.

Mao is really rewan with Khabib Nurmagomedov, with which Conor McGregor will lose by handing over to the UFC galan on October 22. Possible duel with Nate Diaz is what fans would like to see, but the modest storage brothers are not an easy partner to talk and probably negotiate with him how much gays for such a bear can take a while. And as we remember, Conor announced that he wants to stay active so he will not wait for the next match.

How will it look?

The alternative to the Irishman is always the current number in the light department, Tony Ferguson, but in turn he will likely compete with the champion in his next defense on the runway. At least, it is the battle that Khabib's father wants, Abdulmanap Nurmagomedov, and his word for son is strong.

During one of the recent interviews in conjunction with the Denver gala, Donald Cerrone announces that the organization already has another opponent to him whose name will shock the public and the media.

There is already someone! They have already informed me who it is. You have your click. (…) It will be in 155 lbs. What a mega exciting! He tells people, it will be very exciting! You will like it, everyone will like it!
said the player.

In connection with this statement with the declaration of return to lightweight and the challenge to the champion here after the fight against Perry ("Khabib, id after the waist!") You can actually expect a big "boom". Why should not McGregor be a match?

Chael Sonnen has the following opinion:

The matter looks like this: The game that sells is the battle that will happen. It is a kind of duel, stylistic that Conor will see and say, "Ok, take it." Cowboy probably has these fights. (…) Of course, Conor is now off and must deal with the Nevada Committee first, but he probably will not have any alternatives at once in revue with Khabib Nurmagomedov. (…) I think there will be a fight against Khabib vs. Tony. So what's left for Conor? Apparently Diaz is an option, waiting for this option … but it seems like I – based on what I saw, based on records, on campaigns, based on interviews and from the beginning, now having a cowboy, then [walka z Conorem] very likely scenario.

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