Thursday , May 13 2021

Dwulatek lost the device in Tatrabergen, thanks to what he could hear

A two-year-old Artur from Lodz can not hear from birth. Thanks to the implantation of the cochlear implant and a special device – called the speech processor – he was able to receive sound. Unfortunately, during the trip to Tatras, the child lost the processor. His mother asks for help through social media.

"My dear friends, I believe in Facebook today, 12/11 my son lost the Cochlear Nucleus 7 speech processor. We explored the Strążyska valley and returned home through the village of Zab." Image below. "If anyone found me nice." – she wrote.

Although the response is very large, the device has not been found yet. Artur is waiting for help, for as his mother writes, "My son is a very dead child, this is the only way he can receive sound – about 40,000 PLN."

The device comes after implant surgery and is produced only in Australia by Cochlear. "It was assured, but it is not yet known whether the insurer wants to pay compensation.

If not, you will probably need to organize a fundraiser for the new Artur processor. Until then, a two-year-old will not be able to receive the world's sounds around him.

Perhaps, however, during a weekend trip, someone found a place at the end of the Strążyska valley or in Zabę and he even does not even know what it is.


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