Friday , August 6 2021

Ennio Morricone became 90 – Music

His achievements include more than 70 million items sold and dozens of awards received worldwide for compositions representing different genres. Unforgettable compositions written for film and television films make it a place in the pantheon of the very best creators all the time – they rely on the Italian media on the artist's anniversary day, a two-hour Oscar winner. Morricone began his musical career after finishing Roman Conservatory of Saint Cecilia, playing like a trumpet in the Warsaw orchestras.

He wrote film music since 1955, and three years later he was adopted to work on RAI radio and television as a musical assistant. He finished his job on the first working day when he learned that because of the decision of the public broadcaster's director, the music he composed did not broadcast in RAI when he was employed there.

He became famous all over the world in 1964, he began working with a film director Sergio Leone, his classmate from primary school in the eternal city. He composed the first song for his movie for a handful of dollars. In the following years, the director and the music duo continued success in the so-called genre. Western spaghetti. Morricone composed the soundtrack for such Leone movies as "Good, Bad and Ugly" or "Once Upon a Time in the Wild West." The collaboration continued until his latest film, "Once in America."

The composer also collaborated with the giant of the Italian cinema Bernardo Bertolucci, wrote music for his famous "XX Century", as well as Giuseppe Tornatora, Pier Paolo Pasolini, Brian De Palma and Franco Zeffirelli. He is the author of music for two television films about John Paul II, directed by Giacomo Battiato with Piotr Adamczyk in the lead role. In 2016, Oscar was awarded his soundtrack for "The Hateful Eight" Quentina Tarantino.

In one of his latest interviews, he acknowledged that he counted on Oscar 1987 for Rollanda Joffe's "Mission" and regrets that he did not get her then. Herbie Hancock was awarded "Round Midnight". I remember the protests during the Oscars award ceremony – emphasized the Italian composer in an interview for the daily Il Sole-24 Ore.

He will soon be waiting in Paris on a special evening in connection with the film review by Sergio Leone. On Saturday, Italian TV and radio broadcast their compositions. The songs he composed for Paul Anka or Mina are also revoked.

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