Friday , April 23 2021

Finish "Your face sounds familiar" today! We have a performance of Rafał Satan. Wins?

On Saturday night, the big final of the program "Your face sounds familiar" will be broadcast! One hundred thousand zlotys for the chosen charity will be combated by Adriana Kalska, Marek Molak, Rafa³ Szatan and Mateusz Zió³ko.

"Your face sounds familiar." Rafał Szatan like Michael

In the final section, the participants select the characters they want to play. Who decided Rafał Szatan to transform himself into? That's Michael Bolton. Regarding makeup, Rafało resembles the original.

And how does he sing? Will it be a winning achievement? See the fragment of the program:

Fina³ "Your face sounds familiar" on Saturday, November 17th 22:15 in Polsat! Are you going to watch?


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