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Grot Budowlane Łódź will play in the group phase in the Champions League

The cave of Volleyball builders in Lodz will play in the Champions League squad during the 2018/2019 season. On Tuesday in Mulhouse, the Polish team played a dramatic meeting with the local ASPTT, but won them 3: 2 (23:25, 25:23, 15:26, 25:18, 15:11), thereby securing promotion to the elite. In that he will play in Group C with rivals from Italy, France and Belarus.

The first start of the campaign phase in the Champions League Polish team won after a hard fight in Lodz 3: 1 (27:25, 29:27, 22:25, 25:17) and went to France to secure promotion. For the campaign it was necessary to win two sets, although the positive result was not easy because the French – but without big names – could play volleyball at a high level. Cave Budowlane had to deal with the injured Julia Twardowska, but in the rivalry it was necessary to consider them as favorites.

Łodzianki had a good start on the game after a strong attack by Jovany Brakocević-Canizan and a successful counterattack led 4: 1. Rywalki played nervously first, but masted quickly and got the lead 8: 6, as the car attacked Jaroslav Pencova. Cave Budowlane had to chase rivals from Mulhouse and they succeeded after the single bracket Brakocević (11:11). The Polish team chased and looked for the lead for almost the whole set, but ASPTT volleyball players went their own way and step by step tended to the end of the set (16:16, 21:21). At the end of the party, the feelings were boiled, the French were superfluous, they beat the attack and Femke Stoltenborg was completely lost in the game. At the crucial moment, she sent Agata Babicz to battle, as she went to block and was after the set (23:25).

Coach Błażej Krzyształowicz ordered his quarterback to play more balls to Brakocević-Canizan, who did not have much chance to meet at an important moment. The Dutch "boiled" started the set of the second Polish team from score 4: 8. The French played as notes, beat the attack, defended and fought like lionesses. Agony Babicz and Maria Stenzel, who defended well, and Jaroslav Pencov, excellent in offensive and czuna online (9:10), picked up the boats. Within the main service of the local Cave Budowlane found a way to rivals in the neighborhood, thanks to which they finally got an advantage (14:12). Until the end of the season, the Polish team played very evenly, successfully claimed and haunted the French block, like Babicz and Brakocević-Canizan at the end (20:17). The French were still in pursuit, but Pencova was brilliant outside (24:20) and our team had put balls. Three were wasted, but in a crucial moment, the Serbian star hit the second row and ended the game (25:23).

Łodzianki was on the set for the campaign, but after third parties they were under the line. ASPTT played well, benefited from the Polish team's problem and quickly became a safe leader (12: 8). Unfortunately, Jovana Brakocević-Canizan got stuck in the attack, and her friends started making mistakes, which only drove a good game Frenchman (16:10). And yet, Alexandra Frantti did well in the attack, even in the triple block hit the track Construction. Our team missed the ball all the time, even Ewelina Tobiasz, who replaced Femke Stoltenborg, could not change the picture of the game, and this could not be satisfactory (16:23). Yet at the end of the party, the Polish team resumed its power, Babicz and Barkocević-Canizan were ready after the attack, but the party quickly changed to ASPTT (25:16). The French needed to win the next round, and later in the gold. The Polish women were still missing a party for promotion.

The fourth edition started with a hard fight from both sides, but after a good strike, Brakocević-Canizan led Cot Budowlane already 7: 5. French did not play as effectively anymore, as safe and happily as before. And they could not answer Serbian head support on the right side and Agata Babicz on the left (11:13). And yet, under pressure of rivals and pushing the result, they started making mistakes. Frantti falls in Pencove's block, after a while he also served Małgorzata Śmieszek and Cave Budowlane on the fork (17:12). Not much was missing, but it was necessary to play and finish the rival. Very important measures in the attack ended Jovan Brakocevićć-Canizan and Olivia Urban (19:15), after a while, the Polish quarter and the next switch changed another (22:15). The team from Mulhouse crumbled at the crucial moment, so the Łódź girls went as far as theirs. She strongly defended Stenzel until she dotted "and" Babicz on the right side of the net (25:18).

Tie-Break was at the moment a sudden formality, but both teams were in conflict with major difficulties. There were no longer Pencovej and Brakocević-Canizan on the dance floor, but Gabriela Polańska was there, who came back after injury in high form. Her two main blocks in a row ensured team 8: 4. After a while, she got two balls in the middle and both were closed with a big stroke (10: 7). At the end of the meeting, Babicz also showed her great skills, which in the attack did what she wanted with the ASPTT block (13:10) and the winning match ended with the block Polańska (15:11). Victories and promotion have become a fact.

In the group phase of the Champions League Champions League, Lodz plays in Group C with Italian Igor Gorgonzola Novara, French RC Cannes and Belarus Mincanka Minsk. This team is the first rival Lodzers in the elite.

ASPTT Mulhouse – Cave Budowlani Łódź 2: 3 (25:23, 23:25, 25:16, 18:25, 11:15)
Judge: Aleksandar Petrović (Serbia), Ricardo Marques Ferreira (Portugal)
Spectators: about 3000

First match: 1: 3; promotion: Cave Budowlani Łódź

Cave Budowlani: Femke Stoltenborg, Oliwia Urban, Jaroslava Pencova, Agata Babicz, Małgorzata Śmieszek, Jovana Brakocević-Canizan, Maria Stenzel (Libero) and Gabriela Polańska, Ewelina Tobiasz, Koleta Łyszkiewicz, Justyna Kędziora.

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