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Izu Ugonoh and Mariusz Wach stars the stars Dariusz Michalczewski

– After I stopped being a player for a long time, I could not find a job that makes me happy. Finally, I found. I think my experience of the ring can help me to organize crazy. We want to create a new quality in the Polish market, even if we think globally. However, I have to say that if it were not for the many years that supervised the work of Tomasz Babiloński and Andrzej Wasilewski, I would not be here today. It was those who kept Polish boxing alive, said Michalczewski at the Wednesday conference.

– Promoters must be economically independent persons. I'm not focused on revenue, I want to make a cool event. It should be a good sport and show. The first gallon costs about 1.5 million – said Michalczewski a few weeks ago in an interview with Krzysztof Smajk.

"We are athletes and it makes it possible for us to look different at gala organizations than just through the business perspective. We understand the players well and their needs – claimed Patryk Szymański, Michalczewski's right hand and for many years a fan of motorsport and rappers under the pseudonym "Kear".

Will Izu Ugonoh finally come to the top?

The contract with Michalczewski has already been signed by Izu Ugonoh, who will perform in the evening's match in Gdańsk. 32 years old has Nigerian roots, but he was born in Poland. He trained in Las Vegas for many years and fought in New Zealand. He returned to Poland just a year ago, where he was preparing for the National Stadium in the WCA Fight Team, under the invaluable Andrzej Gmitruks eye. But collapse with Fred Kassi [rywal poddał się po drugiej rundzie]Just like the whole crowd, it turned out to be a complete abuse. Now it must be better. Ugonoh became involved in Michalczewski and will be a Tiger Fight Night train horse. Michalczewski arranged him a good match with Ali Eren Demirezen. Turek with a German passport is an unbeatable player. So far, he has fought ten times and every match has won against time. The match will be Europe's champion in the WBO heavyweight federation.

– Demirezen? It's a demanding rival. I hope to introduce a mature box. For now, however, I will not reveal a plan for the match, but we have already started preparations. And I am very pleased that it is impossible to compare workouts when you do not have a contracted match to prepare you when you have a certain goal. Every day I love to practice, but if you have a goal, the motivation is hundred times higher – Izu convinces.

In recent years, Ugonoh has fought at different promoters, which does not necessarily affect his development, as he had long breaks between duels. Now it will change.

– We have a contract signed for several years, so I think it will be a long-term relationship, not just a short business. Now I can only focus on the sports ground – Ugonoh log.

So far 32 years have fought 19 fights, of which he won as many as 18, including 15 by knockout. He only lost in February 2017, when he met Dominik Breazeal, but Ugonoha's brave attitude was appreciated by journalists in the prestigious magazine "The Ring." The third round of the match was selected as the best round in 2017. Michalczewski believes that their cooperation is only the beginning of the boxer's successes. "I will not conceal my goal to fight Ugonoh-Anthony Joshua. If Izu wins with Demirezen, he will jump into the top ten in the WBO ranking. Another victory, maybe two, should give him a fight for the band with The British – claimed "Tiger".

Mariusz Wach comes back to the ring after less than a month's break!

Saturday's fight in Gliwice between Artur Szpilka (22-3) and Wachem did not disappoint, it was full of emotions and controversies. And even though the Wieliczka boxer was already on the boards in the tenth round, he eventually won Wiking (33-4) points. He won the judges, because the audience reacted to the judgment with tall whistles.
– I'm in … for judges, but also for myself. I did not have a match – Wach said after the match.

Under normal circumstances, the Viking should now go on vacation and another match would only take months after the break. However, there are many signs that Wach will fight in Gdansk on December 8th. Everything depends on Andrzej Wasilewski. The organizer of the match with Szpilka, who signed a contract with Wacek, secured the contract with a special clause that he could use and thus did not allow Wiking to a duel in Gdańsk. But Wach is good.

– I hope everything will work. I am 39 years old and I have only a few years left, so I do not want to waste my time. As soon as I discovered that there would be a gala of Mr. Dariusz, I wanted to make her happy from the beginning. Look at my face, I do not look like someone who lost the match. OK, actually a month is a short period of time to fight two fights, but I'm fine. I have some tenderness in my right hand, but that's all. It's hard for me to predict how my body will survive two fights in less than a month, but I'm happy – Wach said on Wednesday.

At Michalczewski-galan, Wacha's rival is Agron Smakici, a Croatian resident in Germany. The 28-year-old fourteen fight and he won them all. In this twelve of knockout.

"He did not fight with any of the leaders, so it's hard to decipher. It is not easy to get ready for the boxer, which is hardly known for. I think I will win him, and then he will pay back Szpilka. But I have much more ambitious plans than just a rematch with Artur. I would like to once again fight for a heavyweight belt. After all, the current champions [Wilder i Joshua] They must meet someone who will not fall after two rounds. And I will not fall. When I finish boxing, I want to see in the mirror and tell me that he did everything I could, "explained Wach.

Galen will be broadcast by Polsat, but Michalczewski also negotiates with German stations. In the future, "Tiger" wants to organize fights in Germany, in other words, in the country where he spent his boxing career.

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