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Nick Kyrgios received one of the highest penalties in history, destroying the image of Tennis Tennis

Nick Kyrgios is known for his incompatible behavior with tennis courts. In Cincinnati during a fight with the Russian, Karen Khachanov jumped again. The first set of the Australian won 7: 6, but in the second set he received a warning from Chief Judge Fergus Murphy. The judge has stated that Kyrgios intentionally slows the game to his own advantage. – You wanna tell me Rafa [Nadal – przyp. red.] plays very fast. So fast during each of your services? It's a disgrace – he discussed with Judge Kyrgios. In this way, he referred to the free introduction of the ball into the game when it was sent by the Spaniard.

Hubert Hurkacz has a much calmer character that we recently talked about in his future:

Kyrgios received $ 113,000 in fines

A few minutes later, the Australian asked the judge for a toilet break, but he was not given permission. He didn't care, he took two rockets with him and went to the closet. Cameras captured how he had blasted both rockets into the corridor and then returned to court. After the end of the match (Kyrgios lost 7: 6, 6: 7, 2: 6), the Australian did not give the referee his hand and spat in his direction. Throughout the meeting, he repeatedly challenged the arbitrator with obscene words. For his outrageous behavior in Cincinnati, the ATP organization punished him with a fine of 113,000. dollars.

Kyrgios has again exceeded the allowable limits for tennis, in sports. In all, he has already paid over 250,000 in his entire career. dollars in fine.

$ 113,000 is a very high financial penalty, but the question is, in the case of Australian, is that right? So far, 24-year-old Canberry tennis player has earned over eight million dollars in his career. Thousands or even hundreds of thousands of fines do not make a big impression on him. In Cincinnati, he behaved scandalously, but it wasn't his first freak. I can bet that at the first opportunity, maybe during the US Open (it starts August 26), he will repeat this behavior as soon as he has the opportunity. Subsequent penalties in no way deter him from rudeness on the field. It's just the opposite – they encourage more puns, and tennis makes you laugh.

Kyrgios watches the match and takes a selfie with the fans

Kyrgios and Khachanov played on Thursday, and on Friday the Australian watched the doubles match of his friend Jacek Sock, who in a pair with Ryan Harrison competed in Cincinnati with Andy Murray's doubles – Feliciano Lopez. Kyrgios acted as if nothing had happened the day before. He autographs the fans standing next to him in the audience, he took a selfie with them. There was even a queue among viewers to get a picture with him. And the best part is that the meeting with Sock / Harrisson – Murray / Lopez was judged by Fergus Murphy – the same one who led the fight between Kyrgios and Khachanov on Thursday and was offended many times by the Australian player. The ATP authorities allow such mockery of discipline.

What punishment can have an impact on Kyrgio's behavior?

Supporters are divided whether the punishment for Kyrgio's recent behavior is too low or too high. Many of them think he should be disqualified, for example, six months, so he cannot return to court until next year. Will the fine or incompetence cause the Australian to stop behaving in a rude, vulgar way? In my opinion, no. If the authorities of the World Union really want Kyrgios to stop his scandalous behavior, they should go the other way. For example, they may exclude him from the game for six months, where he will be required to undergo forced therapy with a psychologist. It was only after her that he could return to competition, assuming that if there is one more prank on his part, then as a repeat offender, he would suffer even further (such as one year of exclusion and mandatory therapy at that time). ).

ATP will not punish Kyrgios?

Kyrgios must see that his behavior is not tolerated in the tennis environment. If he wants to participate in tournaments, he must comply with the applicable rules. If the non – path is free, he can look for happiness in another profession. Financial penalties or sheer disqualification will not change your behavior. He must feel that he does not accept his sensations. The organizers of the Laver Cup are ashamed of them – competitions where tennis players from Europe compete with players from the rest of the world. The third edition of this tournament will take place in September in Geneva. Nick Kyrgios appears on the rest of the world. The last post about the Australian cast after the events in Cincinnati was so criticized by fans that it was removed after an hour. Maybe the player should also be deprived of the opportunity to participate in this event?

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There is a theory that the ATP authorities are not interested in Kyrgiosa & # 39; s temper. Why? Of course, it's all about business. Australian games are one of the most viewed on television. His meeting with Rafal Nadal in the 2nd round of this year's Wimbledon was in the top five in terms of visibility. Scandals are always in demand. It is a pity that in this way the image is destroyed by a discipline that for years was considered a haven of elegance.

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