Wednesday , June 16 2021

PGNiG Superliga: debut of Władysław Kulesza in VIVE

Kulesz, who played as the left quarterback, came to Kielce from the Belarussian SKA Minsk, who signed a five-year contract with VIVE. His stay in the capital of the Świętokrzyskie region began very badly. Just before the beginning of the season, Belarus's representative led a displacement of the fibula head. The 22-year-old had to undergo surgery. After more than two months of rehabilitation, he made his debut in the Kielces team's colors in a league match against Stal Mielec.

– I hope the worst is behind me. Before the match I was very nervous, but after a few minutes the scene fears were over. I'm glad I could finally compete in the Kielce team – said Kulesz, who in the match with Stal just defended because of problems with the bar. Quarterback VIVE criticized his performance quite critically.

"I did too many mistakes, so I can not be completely satisfied with my game. However, I hope that with each meeting I will play, I will look better and better – stressed the Belarusian handball.

"The most important thing is that it has already had the first match. At the moment, he only played on the defensive. In two or three weeks he should help the team in the attack. The mistakes he made today were normal, it was his first appearance after the injury. Now it should be better, but we will see Kulesza in full form only in March, April next year – said Taiel Dujszebajew Kielce coach.

Other news from Kielce camp is not so optimistic. Michał Jurecki, Luka Cindric (both have problems with the lumbar), Krzysztof Lijewski (back injury), Arciom Karalek and Arkadiusz Moryto did not play in the match with Stal. "I think Michał only plays in February. This year we will not see him on the dance floor, the chance of being different is minimal" – said the Kyrgyz coach. He added that the situation looks a little better when it comes to Cindrica and Lijewski.

– As for Krzysiek, there is a 50 percent probability that he will play on Saturday's Champions League match against Mieszko Brest. Luka will certainly not be shown in this match, probably we will not see him in the next match against Barcelona, ​​maybe Vardar Skopje is ready to play – Dujszebajew did not hide who was pleased with the performance of two rounds: Mariusz Jurkiewicz and Steel against Bartłomiej Bisa. The first of them made six and the other scored a goal.

– Bartek came back after a very serious injury, why his attitude in this match deserves praise. He had problems with efficiency, but it is normal after such a long break. Mariusz is a very experienced player and was seen today on the trading floor. I'm glad he came back, thanks to it we have many more options when it comes to playing the attack – he praised his player VIVE coach.

Minder and Karalek have less health problems, but both should play in the LM match against Mieszko.

In the Polish pre-league match of PGE VIVE, Kielce Stal Mielec was hit at 35:28 in his own hall. Those who played "Whistle" in Kielce had unexpectedly big problems with the team from Podkarpacie. Even 20 minutes before the scoreboard, a disruption ended (20:20). But the sensation did not happen, because the team from the capital of the Świętokrzyskie region contained a higher gear and probably won. It was already the 11th victory for the 15-time Polish champion, as with a set of points (33) is the clear leader of the table.

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