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The government and TVP are silent about the nationalists in March, they are upset

Success usually has many fathers, and you have, who entered the Holy Independence through Warsaw, undoubtedly a success in terms of attendance. According to the police, up to 250,000 people participated in it. people. What is the merit of march attendance? This was quickly the subject of disputes.

The government side talks about success, but it is not mentioned the Independence March Association, which – as the name suggests – is responsible for the organization of the nationalists' March. This year they were planned by them, but after the ban on March, issued by Warsaw President Hanna Gronkiewicz-Waltz (finally suspended by the court editors), the authorities announced their participation in the parade. They negotiated with nationalists, but no exact arrangements were made.

It ended so that on November 11 at the beginning of March, representatives and guests, and then – separated from the VIP buffer zone – left the remaining participants, under the guise of independence march and ONR banners. There are no official data on how many participants came to stay in the government's white and red march and how many will be on march march. The police left only total data of 250,000 march ± smokers.

"There are no symbols of national organizations"

The government march was officially terminated at the Washington Round, where VIP companies left the limousines. The Nationalists went on to the flagship of the National Stadium, where representatives of the organization spoke and a concert took place.

Together, the government thanked the side for the march. The head of the Prime Minister's Chancellor, Michał Dworczyk, thanked the Ministry of Defense, the Ministry of the Interior and … the clubs "Gazeta Polska" and the participants. He did not mention the organizers in the independence march.

It was very good that this march was of a state character – said Andrzej Dera from the presidential chancellor.

He stressed that certain events should have a government dimension, and – here the quote:

No associations and organizations have no exclusivity for Christmas.

Pawe³ Szefernaker from the Ministry of the Interior wrote:

17:30 between the Dmowski roundabout and Washington around tens of thousands of people and a sea of ​​white and red flags. There are no symbols of national organizations "

He stressed that the participants "came to the invitation of the president and prime minister". In response to the Chief of Chief Journalist, journalist Jacek Czarnecki has added pictures of nationalist banners from 17:11. They were also visible at other times of March.

The head of the Ministry of the Interior and the administration at the conference thanked other ministries and participants in the celebration in Warsaw. He did not mention the organizers of the independence march from the national circles. He added that the events in March, like the burning of the EU flag, were "obviously worth condemnation but marginal". It is worth pointing out that nationalists do not see a mistake in burning the flag and in one word mocks ± from the fact that the police charge for it.

"It was not your march"

The nationalists from the environment who organize the independence march saw Sunday events differently than the government. The head of the National Movement, Robert Winnicki, told Onet.pl that the government "joined the march organization".

Earlier, the power fought against the independence march, now wants to end its success, says Winnicki.

He added that "race, tough opposition to the EU, nationalists from abroad or banners of Catholic and national organizations" belongs to "the core of the march.

Comments on Dworzyzy's posts include reading such comments:

And where is the thanksgiving for the union of independence march, on whose vocation so many poles came?

Or perhaps for nudity, thank you also to the nationalists?

It was not your march.

"Today, two marchers passed through Warsaw: the presidential march (about 5,000 people separated from MN by armarmarmeria Wojskowa) and a grassroots independent march was organized for many years (about 250,000 people, the image below)" – it was written on the Młodzież Wszech Polish official account . The introduction of nationalists was passed on – it is included in the official account of the Polish youth Ziemowit Przebitkowski and Twitter in the independence march.

"Incorrect entry of a man from the president's immediate vicinity"

This is not the end of disputes about voting. The man Andrzej Duda came in too. It started from, as part of the summary, the police wrote on Twitter that there were 6000 people at the National Stadium concert in the blink of the National Stadium. people.

"244,000 participants in March were not interested in the concert organized by Narodowców" – picked up Marcin Kêdryna from the presidential office.

Krzysztof Bosak, Vice President of the National Movement, quickly criticized this. "An insignificant and incredible entry of a man from the president's immediate vicinity," said Bosak upset. He assured me that "many people have gone through the flame concert, probably several thousand tons, including PiS and GP."

Independence march on TVP Info and "Wiadomości"

As we wrote during March's focus on TVP Info, she focused on showing Polish flags, and flags of national organizations were not shown. Nationalists were also marginalized in "News" by TVP 11 and November 12, but in "they", that is, the first materials on the site, they talked about the march that took place in Warsaw and the celebration in the country.

November 11 in the material about March there was information about 200 thousand. patriots in Warsaw; it was emphasized that "for the first time the march had a state character". There were frames of white and red flags, the appearance of the President and the Prime Minister, there was not a single flag of nationalist organizations and no mention of the Independence March association.

On November 12, "Wiadomoście" criticized other media for alleged unreliable coverage of the march by "displaying several unrelated flags". As a background to this statement was shown (the arrow screen below) hidden in the amount of white-red flags green cows – probably ONR:

"News" by TVP from 12/11/2018. wiadomosci.tvp.pl

"Jumbled by Mr Kurski"

The message from TVP was criticized by Robert Winnicki. – We did not report reliably on our March in all media, he said at the conclusion conference in Independence March.

Unfortunately, I have to say that the government service presented the most manipulated message the day we regret, says Winnicki.

"What's happening on TVP made an impression as if the social part of the march, apart from making the piston for the government, it did not even notice. This was the main manipulation – said MP. He argued that "the organizers of the independence march generally do not have the voice of the government's television."

They are somehow spotted by Mr. Kurski and his team. It is unpleasant. This is the level of propaganda that hurts – said Robert Winnicki.

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