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We know the results of Szpilka – Wach. Polacker has followed several years of the duel of the year

At the height of the match, Artur Szpilka (22-3, 15 KO) with Mariusz Wach (33-4, 17 KO) watched nearly two million fans. It is an excellent result.

David Borek

David Borek

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/ Anna Klepaczko
/ In the picture: Artur Szpilka and Mariusz Wach

The duel of Artur Szpilka with Mariusz Wach was called this year's match in Polish boxing. In retrospect, we can safely say that the main event of Knockout Boxing Night # 5 in Gliwice deserved this name.

"Szpila" landed on the boards in the tenth round, but became the triumph of the duel with Wac. Boxer from Wieliczka won with the referee's decision (97:93, 95:94, 93:97), referring to the 22nd victory in his professional career.

The game attracted many fans in front of televisions. According to the service saw the top of the transmission on Telewizja Polska more than 1.8 million viewers (12 percent of all who have hit the TV at this time).

Fans in front of televisions were also attracted to the morning play of the Gliwice gala. At one point, over 350,000 people saw her. More or less the same recording was recorded on TVP during the latest Barcelona match against Real Madrid.

Szpilka and Wach after the Saturday duel explicitly expressed their willingness to organize a rematch. This would probably also be very popular with the fans.

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