Friday , April 23 2021

A BOLA – Taxes by Carris will be able to send a fine of parking (Lisbon)

Carris inspectors can now pass ticket tickets and enforce compliance with the Highway Code on roads under municipal jurisdiction in the city of Lisbon.

The city council's city council on Thursday approved the company's new status, which is the concessionaire of public transport in the city, with opposition votes against.

But the deliberation did not spell the concrete actions that Carris tax inspectors could begin to perform.

According to the Expresso weekly, the municipality has clarified that the company's main priority in this context will be "inspection of the routes where buses and electric cars pass".

The aim is to streamline the obstacles to vehicle traffic.

"In October, 137 incidents of blocked bus corridors were registered, resulting in 86 hours of lost public service," exemplifies the municipality in Lisbon.

The city council in Lisbon is the intention to promote "more efficient operation of the concession, especially with regard to traffic conditions in lanes and roads reserved for regular public transport, which reduces traffic interference, increasing commercial speed, regularity and efficiency of service ".

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