Saturday , May 15 2021

Apple crashes with the iPhone X case that exploded after upgrading to iOS 12.1

Explosions on smartphones are not so rare to happen – Samsung said when it was necessary to make a global recall to Note 7 after many reports of overheating.

But when they happen in Apple's smartphone universe, they become even more aware because of the strong public loyalty.

The latest case included an upgraded iPhone X for the recently released iOS 12.1, and even Apple left itself shocked by the fact.

Following the report from an American user who revealed the explosion on his iPhone X the unit began to overheat When you installed the update, Apple responded:

This is definitely not expected iPhone X behavior.

The owner of the notebook uploaded pictures of the corrupted device in their Twitter profile, and @ AppleSupport answers can be seen below:

According to the report, the relevant model is only had 10 months of use, and started releasing the smoke until it eventually exploded. According to the owner:

In this, in early January, I bought the iPhone and used it normally. A dark gray smoke began to come from the apparatus; The update was completed and as soon as the phone began to catch fire.

The device owner ensures that the accessories used at the time of the event (cable and charger) were original – so the explosion has actually occurred after the device has been disconnected from the wall socket.

When he kept his iPhone, he noticed that the device on the device was very hot, and shortly thereafter the smoke began to go. At this time, he waits for a positioning by Apple, who asked that iPhone be sent for analysis.

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