Wednesday , November 25 2020

Association & # 39; Cosmos & # 39; threatens to stop hotel building in Portinho

The Cosmos – Association for the Defense of the Environment and Quality of Life "today congratulated through a communication addressed to the editorial staff, for having been the chief responsible for the disapproval of the permission of a collective residential building designed for Lazareto" thanks to the diligents of the legal office "in the association Now Cosmos is preparing to intervene in the hotel project planned in the Portinho area and is just waiting for the project to enter the Santa Cruz City Hall.

"Unfortunately and unlike this case, we did not go in time to stop certain" last minute "projects, such as the one currently under construction in the Barreiros area of ​​the construction company Sociocorreia, but we will intervene in Portinho, Caniço de Baixo, "the association says.

Lazareto Building & # 39; Locked & # 39;

The association recalled that on December 19, 2018 issued a communiqué, which informed the municipality that it would "address all legal mechanisms to stop any construction" that was "built up" in Lazareto, as the current PDM defined area "threatened by instability of rocks and slopes", ie. "very high risk".

Following this warning, on 8 January 2019, this association forwarded a long legal statement (eight pages and 21 articles) to the local authority "requested clarifications of the entire administrative procedure and requested CMF to refuse" purely and simply, the application for authorization. construction of the building calculated by the applicant due to violation of Article 72 of the current PDM Regulation in Funchal, and since the expiry of the effects of PIP occurred either due to the expiry of the period set by the EUSR & # 39; 17 p. 3, either because the projects submitted during the duration of the project were not in accordance with the approved PIP ".

"So the legal argument in our association is that it HELD this project and not the townhouse in Funchal, as it was mentioned in Diário de Notícias today. In fact, CMF knew quite well that all administrative procedures in the licenses were scavenged by insane illegality, and that the authority was approved, was sure that we would leave a popular action to Funchal's administration and tax court ", shot at the cosmos.

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