Tuesday , March 2 2021

BALLEN – "I went to Vigo to buy candy, now I'm practicing Celta" (Celta de Vigo)

During a 40-minute press conference, Miguel Cardoso appealed to the feeling of motivating his choice for Celta. Despite being close to Portugal, he is the first Portuguese coach to train Celta in the club's 95-year history. The coach reminded of the connection he has to the city by saying that this will be his biggest challenge so far.

"I think it will be the biggest challenge, reaching a Spanish league in a historic club with rich winners is a reason for great pride, do not take anything that I did. It has been a growing, challenging career. Being in Galicia is almost like being home. My house is an hour away. When I was a child I came here with my parents to shop, buy cod, rice, candy, I remember to be stopped by the police. There is a very big connection Then elderly came to the evening and drank some glasses. Now I do not feel things change, "he said with smiles.

"I had good things in the experience I had, I did better things than bad so I'm here" he said leaving Nantes and leaving a definite idea: "I hope that within two weeks everyone has the same idea of ​​being able to developed in the field. "

The sports director did not want to extend the term of the contract, which ends until the end of the season with another opportunity.

Miguel Cardoso will be accompanied by four assistants: Jorge Maciel, Assistant Trainer, António Calado, Physical Trainer, Francisco Costa Analyst and another item to be notified.

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