Thursday , April 22 2021

BALLS – «Ronaldo? We all have a schedule to meet … "(Juventus)

In the clubs where he passed, Cristiano Ronaldo became famous among many other things to be the first to arrive and the last to leave. Basically, for your professionalism and dedication.

In an interview with the newspaper groundJuan Cuadrado was asked if Portuguese retains this feature of Juventus.

"Well, we all have a schedule. But yes, when he arrives, he always spends time at the gym and in the field he also does what he has to do. As an advanced player, he also likes to work a lot to finish," said Colombian.

"We all knew he was a good pro. A very special person with a good heart. Every day, I learn with him, with this" hunger "to always win and win more titles," added Cuadrado, adding: "Han is a regular person, the only difference is that he has become a big player and a good sportsman. "

"Everything he earned was thanks to his work. It's a privilege to live with him, but what impresses most is professionalism," he stressed.

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