Sunday , October 24 2021

Defense Minister without "absolutely no fear" about shop safety


"I totally believe it will not be repeated by this section" – with the recent recovery of weapons and ammunition missing, "João Gomes Cravinho told reporters at the end of a visit to the Army Mechanized Brigadas facilities in Santa Margarida, in municipality of Constância, district of Santarém.

However, the Minister of Defense refused to comment on the fact that this problem has not yet been clarified by the investigations.

"There is an ongoing process," he replied.

João Gomes Cravinho, added that the top officials in the three arms of the Armed Forces – Army, Navy and Air Force – have already provided "all guarantees for the security of the equipment stored" in the various stocks in the country.

The defense minister today made his first visit to the military complex Santa Margarida "to understand the security devices currently being activated."

"You can not be the defense minister without visiting Santa Margarida," military infrastructure that "has always been a part of my imagination," he said.

For the governor it is "a special pleasure to know the abilities" that develop there, the training and preparation that is being done there.

The minister, who replaced Azeredo Lopes in October, also said he planned to visit the various military parades.

"We do our task with a high level of responsibility," he said, considering that this idea is "completely shared by the military chiefs" and most of the members of the Armed Forces.

In the military camp Santa Margarida, the Minister of Defense participated in a "demonstration of abilities and means" practice with real fire, involving light forces in fast-paced brigades, medium-sized forces in the intervention brigade and BrigMec heavy forces.

The disappearance of military equipment from the Tancos warehouses was announced by the Army in June 2017.

An investigation of the prosecutor's office on the return of the material from Tancos, called Operation Húbris, has been in place and has been detained for military interrogations by police forces (PJM) and GNR.

This case led to the former national defense minister, José Azeredo Lopes, who resigned on October 12th.

Army General General Rovisco Duarte also called for resignation two days after the inauguration of the new minister of defense.

On September 25, the police arrested the director and three other officers in PJM, one civilian and three members of the crime crime nuclear power plant in Loulé.

According to the prosecutor's office, these are "facts that may include crime crimes, justice, counterfeiting, counterfeiting of acts, influence, personal favoritism exercised by an employee, abuse of power, prescription, detention of arms and arms trafficking."

Among the stolen material were grenades, including anti-tank, plastic explosives and a large amount of ammunition.

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