Monday , October 18 2021

Microsoft will give Windows 10 new face in the next update


Microsoft has been able to give Windows 10 a new image, which has restored its more traditional operating system. Slowly, this system is completely renovated and renovated, with many aesthetic improvements.

In the next major update, which Microsoft will launch early next year, further improvements and news are expected. One is the renewal of the actual Windows 10 image.

Windows 10 meets Microsoft Update

It still has no date to arrive, but Microsoft has already begun to specify what the next major update of Windows 10 will provide. Focusing on the graphic and aesthetic side, Microsoft wants to renew the Windows 10 face.

There is a new theme in Widows 10

To do this, prepare us to give us an easy theme that completely changes the Windows 10 interface, going from the start menu to the taskbar itself and passing through areas like the virtual keyboard.

Windows 10 meets Microsoft Update

To further reconcile this change scenario, Microsoft also proposes a new background image, adapted to this whole new image. If you enable this new light, just click on Settings.

Deep changes in Windows 10 updates

Talking about Windows 10 today requires you to refer to the updates. Microsoft redistributes this area and now allows users to pause updates instantly.

Windows 10 meets Microsoft Update

Also the way these updates will be installed will change. Microsoft OS has some intelligence in this area and only installs it at a time when you are not using your machine.

The snipping tool is also improved

The new tool for capturing and cropping images in Windows 10 has also been improved. Once you have the opportunity to have a timer, you can now capture Windows directly.

Windows 10 meets Microsoft Update

On the other hand, in order to facilitate its use, this image recording tool will memorize the user's choice and when launched, this choice is to be used.

All of these news, including the next major Windows update, are now made available to everyone on the Quick Channel of the Windows 10 Insiders application.

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