Sunday , March 7 2021

PCP and BE defend government intervention in Setúbal harbor already, "today" | ports

The PCP and left-hand block are refined in the solution they defend to resolve the labor dispute affecting the work in Setúbal harbor, with the stop for the unsafe docks. The two parties giving parliamentary support to the government advocate the rapid intervention of the guardianship. By the way, it's late, they argue.

"How do you solve the problem? It is very simple and [a decisão] should have been taken years ago, there was no need to get to this point: the workers must be so effective by the port-going companies operating in Setúbal port. The management of PS must follow this situation, but there is a political responsibility for the government in this. The port authorities are under the government's protection. The government must take a more active and more consistent action in this process, says Communist Communist Bruno Dias.

Bloc José Soeiro confirms: "The government must intervene to convey the conflict. Today, it should have been."

Bruno Dias points out that PCP had already warned of the poor performance of the Setúbal port in the Republican Assembly: "And the minister confirmed that the fall of Setúbal port is the most serious in the country in terms of uncertainty. It has 90% of unsafe dockers. They are employed by the day and called by SMS to work the day before or by the day. It is a commercial port with strategic importance for our exports, "he says, stressing that the integration proposal of 30 unsafe dockers has been insufficient. "Not even half of the workers in that situation are." If they are permanent needs, people must be integrated, "says the Communist.

José Soeiro also understands that "there are" 10% of the effective workers and 90% of insecure "in Setúbal port. Deputy Bloquista adds more criticism of how the process has gone, guaranteed that "this dawn" tried to "get workers from the port of Lisbon to replace Setúbal": "This is a provocation, because the workers in Lisbon's port are in solidarity and they were not "says Soeiro.

For the deputy, dealing with problems of insecurity, the marine minister must convey the process to ensure that there is an integration of an acceptable number of workers. "This number should increase over time, notes Soeiro, without rejecting it. There is a group of workers who respond to any needs:" Ports have always worked so. But there must be a more balanced share between staff and accidents. The solution is to ensure the integration of a reasonable number of workers. And those who are not employed must have the lowest income to survive. For example, those who are not effective must prioritize filling out the additional shifts suggested by the union, "adds Soeiro.

From the right, centrist Nuno Magalhães guarantees that the CDS monitors the situation "with the greatest concern", although the situation affects "several exporting companies". "We respect workers' rights but the issue of economic and peninsula development is also a Portuguese right. We call for agreement and resolution and we demand that the government take appropriate measures to promote social peace and end this conflict that undermines the national economy" , he says, calling on the government "with his partner coalition, can raise awareness about the importance of peace."

According to the PÚBLICO title this Wednesday, there has been no transfer of containers in Setúbal harbor for a week now. At stake there is a labor dispute between a group of unsafe ports and the port company Operestiva which led to the close closure of that port, which affected several companies, including Autoeuropa, one of the largest national exporters. The public also confirmed, along with a source from Ana Paula Vitorino's office, that the marine minister carefully monitors the problem and tries to promote the negotiations.

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