Wednesday , October 27 2021

Portuguese kill and buy car with rescue money – Portugal


The mocambique police arrested three men suspected of kidnapping and killed Portuguese businessman José Paulo Antunes Caetano, 51. The crime was also made after criminals had received 900,000 meticais (about 13,000 euros) of the amount of money required from the family, having used money to buy a car.

Accommodation in Mozambique eight years ago, José Paulo Caetano (born in Ourém and resident of Pombal) worked in support of civil construction, especially in machine rental. On Friday, November 9, the contractor will be contacted by a client who invited him to go see a tillage machine. About 24 hours later, José Caetano's body was found in a quarry in Moamba, Maputo. The neck injury indicates that he had been chopped.

The brutal death of Portugal has been violated, according to sources of the National Criminal Investigation Service of Mozambique, the culprit's involvement in the businessman's family. The gang assured that it would deliver Portuguese living after saving 900 thousand meticais. However, he killed him in the end. More: Robbers also hid jeep BMW by Jose Paulo Caetano in Massinga, in the province of Inhambane, more than 500 kilometers from the crime scene. The car was arrested by the police.

Already registered for violent crime, thieves used a part of the wage scheme to buy a car within 24 hours of the crime. This vehicle was also seized. The inspectors of Mozambican National Criminal Investigation also recovered the two mobile phones of the murdered Portuguese businessman.

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