Friday , October 22 2021

Sales of Allotment Efanor by Sonae Capital can dictate "big dividend" 2019, says BPI – Last Minute


Sonae Capital liquidated EUR 30 million with divestment. BPI analysts do not expect a "big impact" in the company's target price, but the agreement can still benefit the dividend.

By Ana Oliveira – Jornal de Negócios

The sale of Efanor Allotment, announced this Thursday by Sonae Capital, represents a 30 million mark for the listed company. A deal that, for BPI analysts, could pave the way for a "potential big new distribution to be distributed in 2019."

This is one of the conclusions of BPI's comment on the sale of the Efanor project. Another of the benefits that can be derived from this activity, as also noted by the specialists, is the partial valuation of the company's balance sheet led by Miguel Gil Mata (pictured).

In 2018, the group company distributed 15 million of the shareholders – less than 25 million in 2017 and in line with the amount directed to the shareholders 2016.

The analysts' assessment of the price, including the stock price for shares, should not be "affected" by the sale of the Efanor project. "We see the value of Sonae Capital, and we expect the measures to continue to be guided by the favorable moment of tourism and property dynamics in Portugal," reads the research note.

For BPI, this sale represents "achieving another milestone in the company's management plan", following the sale of a part of Tróia development, UNOP 3, into a French company for EUR 20 million, the company disclosed in June in June.

In the first session after the release of the sale, Sonae Capital gives 0.65% for 76 cents on the stock exchange, which has already fallen 2.09% for 74.9 cents.

"Efanor Allotment" has 104 785 square meters gross floor space above the ground, primarily intended for residential construction. There is also a small part for services.

Note The news does not dispense with consulting the "research" note issued by the investment house, which may be requested by the same. The company warns of the possibility of conflicts of interest with some investment banks in relation to the listed company, as held in the capital. To make investment decisions, you should contact the full research note and contact your financial intermediary.

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